Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccines in phase III clinical trials, in the approval process in older patients

ManufacturerNameVaccine typeTarget groupDevelopment status
Bavarian NordicMVA-BN RSVVector vaccine that produces five antigens from virus subtypes A and B, including RSV F and RSV GAdults ≥60 yearsPhase III
GSKRSVPreF3Protein-based vaccine with genetically engineered antigen protein and adjuvantAdults ≥60 yearsFDA approval May 2023, European Commission approval June 2023
JanssenAd26.RSV.preF-RSVVector vaccine resulting in production of pre-fusion RSV F proteinAdults ≥65 yearsPhase III
ModernamRNA-1345mRNA vaccine leading to the production of pre-fusion RSV F proteinAdults ≥60 yearsPhase III, intended for submission for approval in the second half of 2023
PfizerRSV.preFProtein-based vaccine, bivalent, with genetically engineered pre-fusion RSV F protein of virus subgroups A and B as antigensAdults ≥60 yearsPhase III, approval recommended by EMA in July 2023

EMA: European Medicines Agency; FDA: United States Food and Drug Administration; MVA: modified vaccinia Ankara.