Relationship between codes, descriptive themes and analytical themes

Analytical themesDescriptive themesCodes
Multiple voices; managing caregiver and healthcare professional roles in decision-makingValue of multidisciplinary teams Variation in roles in decision-makingEffective coordination
Palliative care involvement
Value of nursing staff
Balancing caregiver autonomy with clinical paternalism
Effective coordination
Joint decision
All voices heard
Components facilitative of shared decision-makingTypes of information caregivers would have valued Engagement with others with“It's that everyday living that wasn't explained”
Presented with all the facts
Home nursing
similar lived experiences Helpful qualities of clinician/Long-term ventilation as lived
Peer support and friendship
caregiver interactionPatience, honesty and understanding
Using lay language and assessing understanding
Continuity of clinician and dialogue
Caregiver positionality in the decision-making processPrimitive drives and faith Intense emotions and their impact on information processingGetting home
Preserving life
Religion and spirituality
Weight of the decisionShock and feeling overwhelmed
Loss of hope
Making sense of information
Is this the right thing to do?
Best interests of the child
Impact on family
“Can I do this?”