Definitions and examples of social determinants of health (SDH) from World Health Organization Commission on SDH framework [3]

SDHDefinitions and examples
IncomeComponents include the listing of individual/household income, wage earnings, pensions, child support etc. [3]
EducationMeasurements as a continuous variable (e.g. years of completed education) or categorical variable (e.g. completion of primary or high school, higher education diplomas, or degrees) [3]
OccupationThe classification of jobs
Any indication of employment (e.g. unemployed, retired, informal or illegal jobs) [22]
Social classDefined according to relations of power, ownership and control over productive resources [3]
SexBiologically determined characteristics [23]
Race/ethnicitySocial groups sharing cultural heritage, ancestry and/or selective and arbitrary physical characteristics (e.g. skin colour) The reporting of race/ethnicity followed Krieger's glossary for social epidemiology [24], which employs a broad and comprehensive definition that encompasses social aspects beyond biological factors