Study characteristics

Animal characteristicsIH protocol characteristicsHaemodynamic parameterCardiac functionCardiac remodellingResponse to ischaemia
Article#SpeciesStrainSexBody weight (g)Age (weeks)FIO2 (%)Hypoxia/Reox (s)IH duration (h per day)Protocol duration (day)MAPHREjection fractionStructureHypertrophyFibrosisApoptosisInfarct size
Bao et al. 2020 [S1]MiceC57Bl6JMnd9530/301228xxxxx
Béguin et al. 2005 [S2]RatWistarM350nd5–1040/200.5–4.01x
Béguin et al. 2007 [S3]RatWistarM350nd1040/2041x
Belaidi et al. 2008 [S4]RatWistarM340nd1040/2041x
Belaidi et al. 2009 [S5]RatSHR and WKYMnd9540/20814xx
Belaidi et al. 2016 [S6]MiceS129 and C57Bl6JMnd8530/30814x
Bober et al. 2018 [S7]RatSDM340nd6.580/12087
Bourdier et al. 2016 [S8]RatWistarM3258530/30821xxxx
Cai et al. 2003 [S9]MicendM25nd6360/36011x
Castro-Grattoni et al. 2016 [S10]MiceC57Bl6JMnd6520/40642xx
Castro-Grattoni et al. 2019 [S11]MiceC57Bl6JFnd8–72520/40656x
Chen et al. 2005 [S12]RatSDM250nd530/30835xxxx
Chen et al. 2008 [S13]RatSDM185nd520/100842xxxx
Chen et al. 2010 [S14]MiceC57Bl6JMnd264.5451056xxxxxxx
Chen et al. 2011 [S15]RatSDM2909430/45612x
Chen et al. 2011 [S16]RatWKY and SHRM2559430/45610–30x
Chen et al. 2015 [S17]RatSDM3259630/45612xx
Chen et al. 2016 [S18]RatSDMnd9430/45814xx
Chen et al. 2016 [S19]RatSDMnd16430/45814x
Del Rio et al. 2016 [S20]RatSDM250nd5nd828xxx
Détrait et al. 2020 [S21]MiceC57Bl6JMnd19530/30828–42xxxxxx
Ding et al. 2014 [S22]RatWistarM21585.560/60835xxxxx
Ding et al. 2014 [S23]RatWistarMnd85.520/100nd35x
Du et al. 2019 [S24]MiceC57Bl6JMnd45.5120/601256x
Farré et al. 2018 [S25]MiceC57Bl6Jndnd8–72620/40642
Fu et al. 2016 [S26]RatSDM22594.5120/120nd21–56xxx
Guan et al. 2019 [S27]RatSDM205nd915/90835xxxx
Guo et al. 2015 [S28]RatWistarM21087120/12087–28x
Han et al. 2014 [S29]RatSDM151nd10240/120614–28x
Han et al. 2018 [S30]RatSDM165nd10240/120842xxxxx
Hayashi et al. 2008 [S31]MiceC57Bl6JMnd10530/30810xxxx
Hayashi et al. 2011 [S32]MiceC57Bl6JMnd8560/6087xx
Imano et al. 2018 [S33]MiceC57Bl6JMnd8590/300828xxxx
Inamoto et al. 2010 [S34]MiceC57Bl6JMnd8530/30810x
Jiang et al. 2020 [S35]RatSDM225nd590/90828xxx
Joyeux-Faure et al. 2005 [S36]RatWistarM230nd540/20835xx
Lai et al. 2015 [S37]MiceC57Bl6Jndnd22760/60856xxx
Lai et al. 2015 [S38]MiceC57Bl6JMnd22760/60856xxxx
Li et al. 2016 [S39]RatWistarMnd16530/90828x
Li et al. 2017 [S40]RatSDM225nd9240/350842xxx
Lu et al. 2020 [S41]RatSDM20067.590/90842x
Lucking et al. 2014 [S42]RatWistarM225nd590/210814xxx
Ma et al. 2020 [S43]RatSDM19088210/90642xxxx
Maeda et al. 2013 [S44]RatSDMnd74nd821x
Matsumoto et al. 2009 [S45]MiceC57Bl6JMnd10530/30810x
Milano et al. 2013 [S46]MiceC57Bl6JMnd97180/1201.714x
Morand et al. 2018 [S47]RatWistarM3408530/30814xx
Moreau et al. 2015 [S48]RatSDMndnd6.580/12087–95xx
Moulin et al. 2020 [S49]MiceSwiss×S129Mndnd530/30821xx
Moulin et al. 2020 [S50]MiceSwiss×S129Mnd10530/30821xx
Naghshin et al. 2009 [S51]MiceC57Bl6JM2311530/301228xxx
Naghshin et al. 2012 [S52]MiceFVBMnd115.530/301228xx
Nakagawa et al. 2019 [S53]MicendMndnd560/300814
Nishioka et al. 2013 [S54]MiceC57Bl6JMnd8530/30810xx
Pai et al. 2016 [S55]RatSDMnd20540/40828xxxx
Park et al. 2007 [S56]MiceC57Bl6JMnd106120/12087–28xxx
Ramirez et al. 2012 [S57]RatSDMndnd10180/18087xx
Ramond et al. 2007 [S58]RatWistarM300nd540/2041x
Ramond et al. 2013 [S59]RatWistarM300nd530/30814xx
Ray et al. 2015 [S60]RatWistarMndnd590/330814xxx
Rodriguez et al. 2014 [S61]MiceC57Bl6J and ob/obMnd105.530/301228xx
Sun et al. 2020 [S62]RatSDM220nd915/30835xx
Tao et al. 2019 [S63]MiceC57Bl6JMnd8530/30828xxxx
Tong et al. 2019 [S64]MiceC57Bl6JM226520/40813x
Totoson et al. 2013 [S65]RatWistarM290nd530/30814–28x
Wang et al. 2013 [S66]RatWistarM250nd7.630/3041–28xx
Wang et al. 2017 [S67]RatSDnd260nd990/90821
Wang et al. 2017 [S68]RatSDM200nd990/90821xx
Wang et al. 2018 [S69]MiceC57Bl6JM23nd5.560/60884x
Wang et al. 2018 [S70]RatSDM2259890/210528xxx
Wang et al. 2020 [S71]MiceC57Bl6JMnd8820/401256xxxx
Wei et al. 2017 [S72]RatSDM250107.630/30835xx
Williams et al. 2010 [S73]RatSDM180nd530/30810xxx
Xie et al. 2015 [S74]RatSDM200nd8240/350842xxx
Xu et al. 2015 [S75]RatSDM200nd8.510/80835x
Yang et al. 2011 [S76]MiceC57Bl6J and ob/obMnd10530/301228xxx
Yang et al. 2018 [S77]RatSDM20086120842xxxx
Yang et al. 2019 [S78]RatSDM2009680/40842
Yeung et al. 2015 [S79]RatSDM704515/45828xx
Yin et al. 2014 [S80]MiceFVB and 129S1Mnd9820/100127–56xxx
Yuan et al. 2014 [S81]RatWistarM200nd530/30842
Yuan et al. 2015 [S82]RatSDM235nd8240/350842x
Zhang et al. 2018 [S83]RatSDM300nd8nd630xxx
Zhang et al. 2017 [S84]MiceC57Bl6JM226520/40884xxx
Zhang et al. 2018 [S85]RatSDMndnd8nd630xx
Zhang et al. 2018 [S86]RatSDMndnd8nd630xxx
Zhao et al. 2019 [S87]RatSDM205nd990/90835xx
Zhou et al. 2014 [S88]Mice129S1 and FVBMnd9860/60nd21–28xx
Zhou et al. 2017 [S89]MiceC57Bl6J and FVBMndnd820/100123–28xx
Zhou et al. 2018 [S90]Mice129s1 and C57Bl6Jndndnd830/301228xxx
Zhou et al. 2018 [S91]RatSDM165nd4.530/60821xxxx
Zhu et al. 2020 [S92]RatSDM190nd1030/60835x

#: For full details of the studies included in the meta-analysis see supplementary file S3, references listed in this table refer to this file. Casp3: caspase 3; CSA: cross-sectional area; F: female; FIO2: inspired oxygen fraction (in percentage); HR: heart rate; Hypoxia/Reox (s): duration of hypoxia and reoxygenation (in seconds); HW/TL: heart weight to tibia length ratio; IF: interstitial fibrosis; IH: intermittent hypoxia; LVDd: left ventricular diameter in diastole; M: male; MAP: mean arterial pressure; nd: no data; PVF: perivascular fibrosis; SD: Sprague–Dawley; SHR: spontaneously hypertensive rat; TUNEL: terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase dUTP nick end labelling; WKY: Wistar Kyoto.