First diagnosis

Statement numberStatementType of statementStrength of recommendationQuality of evidenceType of patientMost relevant supporting articles
1.1In infants diagnosed via newborn screening, CT can be used as a sensitive tool to detect early disease, tailor treatment, and monitor disease progression both in symptomatic and asymptomatic patients.RecommendationGrade BModerateAsymptomatic and symptomatic[10, 13, 29, 30]
1.2Low-dose CT is feasible both in uncooperative and cooperative patients.RecommendationGrade AHighAsymptomatic and symptomatic[3136]
1.3Although MRI is more feasible in cooperative patients, it can be performed in uncooperative patients with or without moderate sedation/general anaesthesia according to the patient's age and mental status.RecommendationGrade BModerateAsymptomatic and symptomatic[79, 28, 33, 3739]
1.4CT dose should be as low as reasonably achievable without affecting the diagnostic quality of the image.RecommendationGrade AHighAsymptomatic and symptomatic[14, 4044]

CT: computed tomography; MRI: magnetic resonance imaging.