Descriptions of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) antigens included in this review

AntigensSynonymsDescriptions and biological activitiesReferences
esxARv3875, ESAT-66 kDa early secretory antigenic target of unknown function. Elicits high level of INF-γ from memory effector cells during the first phase of a protective immune response. Component of QuantiFERON test, and absent in BCG strain.[17, 77]
esxBRv3874, CFP1010 kDa culture filtrate antigen of unknown function.[77]
esxWRv3620Putative ESAT-6 like protein 10 of unknown function.[77]
esxVRv3619Putative ESAT-6 like protein 1 of unknown function.[77]
Rv1813cRv1813cA conserved hypothetical protein of unknown function.[78]
LAMComponents of MTB-cell wall. Inhibit IFN-γ mediated macrophage activation; T-cell proliferation, IL-12 production, neutrophil recruitment, DC activation.[79]
fbpARv3804c, Ag85aFibronectin binding protein A and components of Ag85 complex (Ag85a), possesses a mycolyltransferase activity (85A) required for the biogenesis of trehalose dimycolate (cord factor), main component for maintaining cell wall integrity.[77]
fbpBRv1886c, Ag85bFibronectin binding protein B and components of Ag85 complex (Ag85b). Secreted antigen acts as mycolyltransferase (85B), which is involved in cell wall mycoloylation.[77, 80]
fbpCRv0129c, Ag85cFibronectin binding protein C and components of Ag85 complex (Ag85c). Secreted antigen acts as mycolyltransferase (85C), which is involved in cell wall mycoloylation.[77]
espBRv3881cSecreted ESX-1 substrate protein B, EspB. A conserved alanine and glycine-rich protein of unknown function.[77]
mpt70Rv2875Major secreted immunogenic protein of unknown function.[77]
AcgRv2032Acg (acr-coregulated gene). Conserved protein of unknown function.[77]
Rv0831Rv0831A conserved protein of unknown function.[77]
bfrBRv3841Bacterioferritin. Intracellular molecule involved in iron storage.[77]
Rv0831cRv0831cA conserved protein of unknown role.[77]
HspXRv2031c, 16/14 kDaHeat shock protein (alpha-crystallin homolog). Stress protein induced by anoxia. Proposed role in long-term survival of the bacilli during latent infections.[77, 79]
PstS1Rv0934, 38kDaPeriplasmic phosphate-binding lipoprotein (PBP-1). Immunodominant antigen involved in active transport of inorganic phosphate across the membrane.[34, 77]
SsbRv0054Helix-destabilising protein involved in DNA replication, recombination and repair.[77]
lipCRv0220Probable esterase LipC with unknown function. A lipolytic enzyme probably active in cellular metabolism.[77]
Rv2958cRv2958cPossible glycosyl transferase with unknown function. Probably involved in cellular metabolism and has a role in resistance to killing by human macrophages.[77]
Rv2994Rv2994Probable conserved integral membrane protein with unknown function; could be involved in efflux system.[77]
Rv1813cRv1813cA conserved hypothetical protein of unknown function.[81, 82]
A60Located in the cytosol, macromolecular antigen complex, conserved in typical and atypical mycobacteria, main component of commercial ELISA kit (Anda Biologicals, Strasbourg, France).[26]
HbhARv0475Protein regulated by iron that promotes extrapulmonary dissemination and facilitates adherence to epithelial cells. Induces mycobacterial aggregation.[79]
TpxRv1932Probable thiol peroxidase with antioxidant activity. Could remove peroxides or H2O2.[77]
ApaRv1860, MPT-32
Alanine- and proline-rich secreted protein (fibronectin attachment protein). Could mediate bacterial attachment to host cells.[77]
AcrA1Rv3391Multifunctional enzyme with acyl-CoA-reductase activity. Possibly involved in cellular metabolism.[77]
hrp1Rv2626cHypoxic response protein 1 of unknown function.[77]
PPE17Rv1168cPPE of unknown function. Induces strong B-cell responses.[4, 77]
PPE42Rv2608PPE family protein of unknown function.[77]
PPE55Rv3347cPPE family protein of unknown function.[77]
MDP1A histone-like nucleoid associated protein expressed by many mycobacterial species. Could play a role in long-term survival of mycobacteria.[17]

INF: interferon; BCG: bacille Calmette–Guérin; LAM: lipoarabinomannan; IL: interleukin; DC: dendritic cell; MDP1: mycobacterial DNA-binding protein 1; HbhA: heparin binding haemagglutinin (adhesin); Ssb: single-strand binding protein; H2O2: hydrogen peroxide; PPE: proline-proline-glutamic acid.