Types of studies evaluating the adherence to asthma guidelines and the proportion of studies demonstrating beneficial clinical and adherence outcomes among the studies evaluating such outcomes

Total NRCTs nBefore-after nComparative observational study nBeneficial clinical outcomesBeneficial process outcomes
Assessment and management of asthma during stable disease state
 Additional patient specific input by a specialised health professional138238/12 (66.7)10/11 (90.9)
 Asthma care pathway4132/2 (100)3/3 (100)
 Computer decision-support systems7613/5 (60)4/7 (57.1)
 Introduction of a local or national guideline42110/1 (0)2/4 (50)
 Medical education12751/4 (25)5/10 (50)
 Quality improvement process113714/6 (66.7)8/10 (80)
 Participation in a clinical trial110/1 (0)0/1 (0)
Assessment and management of acute asthma attacks
 Acute asthma care pathway121111/8 (12.5)10/12 (83.3)
 Additional patient specific input by a specialised health professional110/0 (N/A)1/1 (100)
 Computer decision-support systems110/0 (N/A)1/1 (100)
 Introduction of a local or national guideline110/0 (N/A)0/1 (0)
 Medical education110/0 (N/A)0/1 (0)
 Quality improvement process92522/3 (66.7)6/7 (85.7)

Data are presented as n/N (%), unless otherwise stated. RCT: randomised controlled trial; N/A: not available.