Healthcare profession/level of training and subsequent categorisation in the analyses of the survey

Categoryn (%)Categories in the analyses
1st survey: mild type 2 and severe type 2 asthma
 Allergy–asthma specialist22 (2.5)Allergy doctor
 Allergy specialist133 (15.2)Allergy doctor
 Trainee in allergy9 (1.0)Allergy doctor
 Respiratory–asthma specialist123 (14.1)Respiratory doctor
 Respiratory doctors456 (52.1)Respiratory doctor
 Trainee in respiratory medicine34 (3.9)Respiratory doctor
 General practitioner48 (5.5)Generalist
 Internist28 (3.2)Generalist
 Specialist nurse13 (1.5)Generalist
 Trainee general practitioner4 (0.5)Generalist
 Trainee in internal medicine4 (0.5)Generalist
 Nurse trainee1 (0.1)Generalist
2nd survey: non-type 2 asthma
 Allergy–asthma specialist30 (4.4)Allergy doctor
 Allergy specialist163 (24.0)Allergy doctor
 Trainee in allergy12 (1.8)Allergy doctor
 Respiratory–asthma specialist80 (11.8)Respiratory doctor
 Respiratory doctors245 (36.1)Respiratory doctor
 Trainee in respiratory medicine13 (1.9)Respiratory doctor
 General practitioner99 (14.6)Generalist
 Internist16 (2.4)Generalist
 Specialist nurse14 (2.1)Generalist
 Trainee general practitioner4 (0.6)Generalist
 Trainee in internal medicine2 (0.3)Generalist
 Nurse trainee1 (0.2)Generalist