Prevalence of fatigue in patients with COPD

First author [ref.]Fatigue assessment toolSample size nResponderResponders with fatigueNormalMildSevereComments
Peters#,¶ [14]CIS – subscale fatigue168Patients with COPD542521
Baltzan+ [30]SF-36 – vitality domain251Patients with COPD6139Patients were divided into 2 groups based on scores <2 sd from published mean age-adjusted normal vitality scores for general Canadian population
Walke#,§ [23]ESAS –tiredness/fatigue symptom74Patients with COPD311950Normal fatigue is not reported in study; it is calculated for this table by subtracting % of “mild” and “severe” fatigue from possible total of 100%
Original VAS score modified so symptoms rated on 4-point scale (not present, mild, moderate, severe)
Only “moderate” and “severe” symptoms examined here
Yang# [24]FACIT – fatigue scale210Patients with COPD513117
Goërtz#,¶ [27]CIS – subscale fatigue1290
Patients with COPD Non-COPD subjects25
Andersson# [29]FACIT – fatigue scale470
Patients with COPD
Non-COPD subjects
Kentson# [16]3 structured questions on fatigue73
Patients with COPD Non-COPD subjects72 56Subjects reporting fatigue scores ≥1 were classified as “fatigue”; scores of 0 as “no fatigue”
Theander# [28]FIS – all dimensions44 37Patients with COPD Non-COPD subjects47 13Information on cut-off scores not reported. COPD patients report ↑ impact of fatigue on cognitive, physical and psychosocial functioning in comparison to controls
Vandevoordeƒ [20]One item on fatigue68 78All COPD Patients with known COPD Patients with newly detected COPD Non-COPD subjects47 35 47
Strandkvist# [33]FACIT – fatigue scale304 362Patients with COPD: women Patients with COPD: men Non-COPD subjects: women Non-COPD subjects: men36 38 28 28Prevalence of clinically relevant fatigue only significant between male subjects with and without COPD (p=0.016)
Clinically relevant fatigue defined as FACIT-Fatigue score of ≤43
Stridsman# [32]FACIT – fatigue scale367 418Patients with COPD Non-COPD subjects37 28Clinically relevant fatigue was defined as FACIT-Fatigue score of ≤43
Stridsman# [31]FACIT – fatigue scale261 307Patients with COPD Non-COPD subjects46 39Clinically significant difference was identified by 3–4 unit change in score
Antoniu# [35]SF-36 – vitality domain12Patients with COPD60Clinically significant fatigue was defined as score ≤50
Gift# [21]SF-36 – vitality domain104Patients with COPD58Number calculated by % responders who gave a positive answer to question about feeling a lack of energy during the past week
Elbehairy## [39]ESAS-r – tiredness/fatigue symptom45Patients with COPD49Number reflects patients with COPD reporting a score of ≥5 on “Tiredness” symptom
Antoniu# [34]ESAS-r – tiredness/fatigue symptom47Patients with COPD95Fatigue considered as clinically significant, bothersome for patient if scored ≥4
Walke#,§ [22]ESAS-r – tiredness/fatigue symptom81Patients with COPD49Original VAS score modified so that symptoms rated on 4-point scale (not present, mild, moderate, severe)
Only “moderate” and “severe” symptoms were examined
Chen+ [39]BFI91Patients with COPD77Information on cut-off scores not reported
Bentsen## [33]BPQ – fatigue item100Patients with COPD72
Valderramas# [25]FSS3060
Wong+ [32]MFI – all dimensions42Mental fatigue General fatigue Physical fatigue Reduced activity Reduced motivation69 54 95 88 83Information on cut-off scores not reported
Blinderman# [26]MSAS – lack of energy symptom100Patients with COPD71Number calculated by taking % of patients reporting scores of 3 or 4 on a scale of 0–4
Kinsman#,## [34]BESC – fatigue scale146Patients with COPD95

Data are presented as %, unless otherwise stated. CIS: Checklist Individual Strength; SF-36: 36-item Short-Form Health Survey; ESAS: Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale; VAS: visual analogue score; FACIT: Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy – Fatigue Scale; FIS: Fatigue Impact Scale; BFI: Brief Fatigue Inventory; BPQ: Breathing Problem Questionnaire; FSS: Fatigue Severity Scale; MFI: Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory; MSAS: Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale; BESC: Bronchitis–Emphysema Symptom Checklist. #: secondary care population; : data partially obtained from the same set of data; +: pulmonary rehabilitation population; §: data obtained from the same set of data; ƒ: primary care population; ##: tertiary care population.