Characteristics of the fatigue assessment tools/subscales measuring fatigue#

Assessment toolPurposeItemsFatigue subscaleScale typeFatigue scale cut-off scoreScoringInternal consistencyTest–retest reliabilityStudies questionnaire used n
CRDQ/CRQ [82, 83]Impact517-point LikertMCID 0.5 per itemHigher score, lower fatigue0.51–0.830.90–0.9377
FSS [84, 85]Impact917-point Likert4Higher score, higher fatigue0.880.8414
SF-36/MOS-36 [21, 35, 80, 86]Severity411–6-point LikertParticipants have high fatigue if scores <2 sd from published mean age-adjusted normal vitality scores for general Canadian populationHigher score, lower fatigue0.71–0.920.6214
FACIT [24, 79, 85]Severity/impact1315-point LikertMild: 24–36
Moderate: 12–23
Severe: 0–11
Higher score, lower fatigue0.930.9013
VAS-F/LFS [87, 88]Severity131Visual analogueFatigued when score is above 50% of 100%Higher score, higher fatigue0.91–0.96Not described10
MFI-20 [85, 89, 90]Phenomenology/severity/impact2057-point Likert≥13 (severe fatigue)Higher score, higher fatigue0.84Not described10
CAFS [91]Severity/impact1215-point LikertNot describedHigher score, higher fatigue0.950.825
MSAS [92]Severity315-point LikertNot describedHigher score, higher fatigue0.76–0.870.40–0.945
BFI [93]Severity9111-point Likert≥7Higher score, higher fatigue0.96Not described4
ESAS [80, 81]Severity/impact1111-point Likert3–4 (moderate)
5–7 (severe)
Higher score, higher fatigue0.790.45–0.864
POMS [85, 94]Severity715-point LikertNot describedHigher score, higher fatigue0.80Not described4
MCFS [47]Severity2735-point LikertNot describedHigher score, higher fatigue0.970.973
CIS Subjective Fatigue subscale [75–77]Phenomenology/severity817-point Likert<27 (normal)
≥27 (moderate)
≥35 (severe)
Higher score, higher fatigue0.90Not described3

CRDQ/CRQ: Chronic Respiratory (Disease) Questionnaire; FSS: Fatigue Severity Scale; SF-36: Short-Form-36; MOS-36: Medical Outcomes Study 36-Item Short-Form Health Survey; FACIT: Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy; VAS-F: Visual Analogue Scale for Fatigue; LFS: Lee Fatigue Scale; MFI-20: Multi-dimensional fatigue index; CAFS: COPD and Asthma Fatigue Scale; MSAS: Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale; BFI: Brief Fatigue Inventory; ESAS: Edmonton Symptom Assessment System; POMS: Profile Of Mood States; MCFS: Manchester COPD Fatigue Scale; CIS: Checklist Individual Strength; MCID: minimal clinically important difference.#: additional searches were performed.