Stewardship structure and investment in tuberculosis (TB) research and innovation in selected countries in Latin America

CountryResearch and innovation stewardship structureTuberculosis R&D funderTB R&D funds provided annuallyRank according to amount spent on R&D investment over 114 countries
ArgentinaNational Agency for Science and Technology Promotion
National Council on Scientific and Technical Research
National Commission on Health Research (Salud Investiga)
Argentinian Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive InnovationUS$ 132.40682
BrazilFederal: Secretariat of Science, Technology and Strategic Inputs, Ministry of Health; National Council on Scientific and Technical Research; Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel
State: State Health Ministry; State Ministry of Science and Technology
Brazilian NTP
Brazilian Development Bank
US$ 873 244
US$ 500 000
CubaOffice of Science and TechnologyMinistry of Economy and PlanningUS$ 5 331 10016
VenezuelaMinistry of Popular Power for Health, Executive Management of Research and Education BoardMinistry of Popular Power for Health Venezuelan Institute for Social SecurityUS$ 681 PPA Par Price Power of Acquisition Dollars109
PeruNational Institute of Health CONCYTEC FONDECYT, NTP-TB Research NetworkMinistry of Economy Ministries Conseil Presidence CONCYTEC Ministry of Health INSUS$ 348 41768
ChileNational Conseil of Research in Health CONISChilean National Commission for Health and Social ProtectionUS$ 263 79670
ColombiaColombian Ministry of Health and Social ProtectionColombian Ministry of Health and Social ProtectionUS$ 350 51967

R&D: research and development; NTP: national TB control programmes. Data from [13].