Clinical trials investigating oligometastatic disease

NCT03965468Immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery for synchronous oligo-metastatic NSCLCImmunotherapy, chemotherapy plus stereotactic radiotherapy to synchronous oligo-metastases followed by definitive surgery or radiotherapy to primary NSCLCRecruiting
NCT03827577OMEGA, local ablative therapy in oligometastatic NSCLCResection of primary NSCLC plus local ablative therapy to all metastases versus standard-of-care chemotherapyRandomisedRecruiting
NCT03275597Phase Ib study of stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) in oligometastatic non-small lung cancer (NSCLC) with dual immune checkpoint inhibitionSBRT followed by combined durvalumab and tremelimumabRecruiting
NCT03119519Local non-salvage radiotherapy for synchronous oligometastatic non-small-cell lung cancerChemotherapy plus local definitive radiotherapy to primary and oligo-metastases versus standard-of-care chemo-/targeted-therapyRandomisedRecruiting
NCT02975609Phase II trial of SBRT compared with conventional radiotherapy for oligometastatic non-small cell lung cancerChemotherapy plus SBRT versus chemotherapy plus conventional fractionated radiotherapy to primary and all metastatic sitesRandomisedNot yet recruiting
NCT02417662Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for oligometastatic non-small cell lung cancerPatients will be randomised to receive either standard chemotherapy treatment alone or standard treatment with conventional radiotherapy and SABRRandomisedRecruiting
NCT02054819Treating NSCLC minimal stage IV with curative intentPlatinum-based chemotherapy with concurrent radiation therapy to the primary tumour and identified mediastinal lymph nodal metastatic drainage. Local curative radiation will then target the oligometastatic tumour sitesTerminated (low accrual)
NCT01185639Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) in metastatic non-small cell lung cancerChemotherapy followed by local ablative radiotherapy to all metastatic lesionsCompleted

NSCLC: nonsmall cell lung cancer; SBRT: stereotactic body radiotherapy; SABR: stereotactic ablative radiotherapy.