Summary of study characteristics and health outcomes instruments

Study designStudy locationPatients nRecruitment durationInstrument/ measurementReported health outcome[Ref.]
LTBITBWithout TB infection
LongitudinalTB clinics, MCI and JGH, Canada10548110June 2008–October 2011 (40 months)1) SF-36 → SF-6D utilities
2) SG
HRQoL [19]
Health utilities [18]
[18, 19]
Prospective cohortBroward or Palm Beach County Health Dept, Florida, USA90August 2005–July 2007 (24 months)1) Stigma scale from EMIC for Tuberculosis in Haitian PopulationsStigma[20]
Cross-sectionalTB clinic, MCI, Canada35221 September 1999–30 September 2000 (13 months)1) VAS
2) SG
3) SF-36
4) EQ-5D
HRQoL[21, 22]
QualitativeTB-OPD, Karolinska University Hospital, Solna, Sweden16December 2017–June 2018 (7 months)Interview guideTreatment experience[23]
LongitudinalTB clinic, British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, Canada1021042005–2006 (12 months)1) SF-36 v2→SF-6D utilities
2) BDI
3) HUI2, HUI3
4) VAS
HRQoL [24]
Health utilities [25]
[24, 25]
RetrospectiveTB registries, 20 different sites in the USA7 28238531993–31 December 2002 (9 years)1) Mortality riskMortality[26]
RetrospectiveTB clinic, TCPH, Texas, USA2101077 July 2005–7 November 2006 (16 months)1) SGRQHRQoL [27]
QALY [22]
[27, 28]
Cross-sectionalInfectious disease or paediatric clinics, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden10819 415September 2017–June 2018 (10 months)1) EQ-5D
2) RHS-15
Cross-sectionalDispensary of TB Kayseri, Turkey10819619615 September 2003–15 September 2004 (12 months)1) SF-36
2) BDI

LTBI: latent tuberculosis infection; TB: tuberculosis; MCI: Montreal Chest Institute; JGH: Jewish General Hospital; SF-36: 36-item Short-Form Health Survey; SF-6D: Short-Form Six-Dimension; SG: standard gamble tasks; HRQoL: health-related quality of life; EMIC: Explanatory Model Interview Catalogue; VAS: visual analogue scale; EQ-5D: EuroQol-5 dimensions; TB-OPD: Tuberculosis outpatient department; SF-36 v2: 36-item Short-Form Health Survey version 2; BDI: Beck Depression Inventory; HUI2: Health Utilities Index Mark 2; HUI3: Health Utilities Index Mark 3; TCPH: Tarrant County Public Health; SGRQ: St George's Respiratory Questionnaire; QALY: quality-adjusted life year; RHS-15: Refugee Health Screener-15.