Published case series comparing outcomes between single and dual stent placement

First author (year) [reference]MethodAetiologyLocation/fistula sizeSample size nOutcomes
Ke (2015) [33]Retrospective case seriesUndefinedUndefined61 (26 tracheal, 35 dual)Better symptomatic and radiographic response for dual stents (96%) versus tracheal stent (percentage not specified)
Herth (2010) [16]Prospective case seriesMalignantTrachea, mainstem bronchi, size not reported112 (65 tracheal, 37 oesophageal, 10 dual)Better survival time for dual stents (245 days) versus tracheal stent (182 days)
Freitag (1996) [15]Retrospective case seriesMalignantTrachea, 1–4 cm30 (12 tracheal, 18 dual)Better survival time in dual stents (110 days) than tracheal stent (24 days)