Summary of research priorities

The Task Force identified the following research needs for previously hospitalised patients with COVID-19 pneumonia who were discharged in the past 30–60 days
Routine testing to establish a new baseline?
 Pulmonary function testing
 6-min walk test
 Computed tomography of the chest
 Transthoracic echocardiography
 Cardiopulmonary exercise testing
Continue prophylactic anticoagulant therapy as outpatients until the D-dimer normalises?
Serological testing to assess immune response to the infection?
Attending medical visits without screening for active infection if serological tests positive?
Serological testing of household contacts to determine if mild or asymptomatic infection?
Referral to a multidisciplinary clinic for post-intensive care syndrome?
Referral to pulmonary rehabilitation regardless of lung function?
Routine screening for:
 Cognitive impairment
 Post-traumatic stress disorder
Routine referral for mental health counselling?

COVID-19: coronavirus disease 2019.