Newcastle–Ottawa scale to evaluate the methodological quality of cohort studies included in the systematic review

First author [ref.]
Sack [24]Sesé [14]Winterbottom [15]Singh [23]Conti [17]Johannson [13]Johannson [16]
Representativeness of the exposed cohort (patients who developed ILD or had acute exacerbations of ILD)
 Truly representative of community-based dwellers
 Somewhat representative
 Selected group of dwellers
 No description of the derivation of the cohort
Selection of the non-exposed cohort (patients who did not develop ILD or had exacerbations of ILD)
 Drawn from the same community as the exposed cohort#
 Drawn from a different source
 No description of the origin of the non-exposed cohort
Ascertainment of exposure
 Secure record#
 Structured interview#
 Written self-report
 No description
Demonstration that the outcome of interest was not present at start of study
Comparability of cohorts on the basis of design or analysis
 Study controls for lung diseases#
 Study controls for any additional factor#
Assessment of outcome
 Independent blind assessment#
 Record linkage#
 No description
Was the follow-up long enough for outcomes to occur
Adequacy of follow-up of the cohorts
 Complete follow-up: all subjects accounted for#
 Subjects lost to follow-up unlikely to introduce bias (small number lost) follow-up, or description provided of those lost#
 Low follow-up rate and no description of those lost
 No statement
  • #: study satisfies the question.