Subgroup analyses for pooled analyses of the proportion of mortality according to study design

StudiesParticipantsProportion95% CIHeterogeneity
1 year to <2 years
 Overall#6225 7700.120.09–0.14I2=95%
 Prospective study187690.110.05–0.18I2=81%
 Retrospective study2822 5810.160.13–0.19I2=95%
 Test for heterogeneity between subgroups 0.36
2 to <5 years
 Overall3520 7870.380.34–0.42I2=94%
 Prospective study1816500.330.25–0.43I2=92%
 Retrospective study1719 0920.430.38–0.47I2=93%
 Test for heterogeneity between subgroups=0.08
5 years
 Prospective study910600.580.38–0.78I2=97%
 Retrospective study2353090.730.61–0.83I2=98%
 Test for heterogeneity between subgroups=0.21

Data are presented as n, unless otherwise stated. RCT: randomised controlled trial. #: included data from RCTs.