Sequence of dressing and undressing actions for healthcare personnel in case of contact with suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19

Dressing procedureUndressing procedure
  • Remove all jewellery and personal items

  • Remove the disposable gown and dispose of it

  • Practice hand hygiene with soap and water or alcoholic solution

  • Remove the first pair of gloves and dispose of them

  • Check device integrity, do not use damaged devices

  • Remove the glasses and sanitise them

  • Wear a first pair of gloves

  • Remove FFP2/FFP3 by handling it from the rear and dispose of it in the container

  • Wear the disposable gown over the uniform

  • Remove the second pair of gloves

  • Wear FFP2/FFP3

  • Practice hand hygiene with alcoholic solutions or with soap and water

  • Wear protective glasses

  • Put on a second pair of gloves

Data from [6].