Phenotype scales reported in sarcoidosis

First author [ref.]PhenotypeDescription of developing phenotypePatients nValidationSingle versus multi-centreEstablished association to genotypeComments
Scadding [5]PulmonaryChest radiograph stage136NoSingleNoDid not use computed tomography
Neville [7]Acute versus chronicRate of resolution818NoSingleNoDid not account for more than one factor in patient
Grunewald [3, 8]Löfgren versus non-LöfgrenClinical outcome of Löfgren patients754YesSingleYesSeries of studies, may not apply to other racial groups
Wasfi [9]Severe versus non-severeBackward regression based on clinical parameters104Two different groups of clinicians assessed same patientsSingleNoBased on expert opinion, no follow-up analysis
Prasse [10]Acute versus chronic and duration of treatmentEvaluated patients seen within 1 year of presentation225NoSingleNoMore useful for acute disease
Baughman[11]Acute versus chronic including therapyDeveloped criteria for long-term outcome500NoMulti-centreNoRetrospective look based on expert opinion
Rodrigues[12]Acute, relapse, fibrosisFactor analysis137NoMulti-centreNoPhenotypes were not distinct
Walsh [13]Severe versus non-severeRegression analysis of multiple factors251Yes (additional 252)SingleNoOnly focused on advanced pulmonary disease
Moller [14]Various groups of patientsExpert opinion of grouping of patientsNot givenNoMulti-centreYesEstablished criteria to be studied
Schupp [15]Organ clusteringMulti-factor analysis based on gene expression2163NoMulti-centreYesUsed genetic profile to identify associated organ manifestations