Outcome values to report in standard clinical cardiopulmonary exercise testing as employed by the Task Force members

Exercise capacityCardiovascular limitationGas exchange limitationVentilatory limitation
Variable relevance
VO2peakHRpeakVE/VCO2 slopeVEpeak in % MVVrest
 Peak WRVO2/WR slopeLowest VE/VCO2 value (nadir)
HR/VO2 slope
Borg symptom scores
For studies featuring additional measurements

VO2peak: peak oxygen uptake; WR: work rate; AT: anaerobic threshold; HR: heart rate; VE: minute ventilation; VCO2: carbon dioxide production; VEpeak: peak minute ventilation; MVVrest: maximum voluntary ventilation at rest; VO2: oxygen uptake; SpO2peak: peak arterial oxygen saturation measured by pulse oximetry; VD/VT: dead space/tidal volume ratio; IC: inspiratory capacity; PA–aO2peak: peak alveolar–arterial oxygen tension difference; IRVpeak: peak inspiratory reserve volume. #: in studies featuring arterial blood gas measurements; : in studies featuring serial inspiratory capacity measurements.