Indications for performing a sleep diagnostic test in COPD patients

Symptoms or findings indicative for sleep disordered breathing in patients with COPD
Sleep-related symptoms such as snoring, gasping and choking, as well as nocturia or morning headache
Increased daytime sleepiness
Signs of obesity including BMI >30 kg·m−2 in men and >35 kg·m−2 in women, neck circumference >43 cm in men and >41 cm in women
Reduced daytime pulse oxygen saturation (<93%) at rest or during exercise
Daytime hypercapnia
Signs of pulmonary hypertension or right heart failure, such as peripheral oedema
Patients who use opioids and/or hypnotic medications
Comorbidities such as atrial fibrillation, end-stage renal disease, type 2 diabetes, heart failure, difficult to treat hypertension and stroke

BMI: body mass index.