Terminology in telemedicine

TelemedicineDistribution of healthcare by HCP using ICT technologies to exchange information useful to perform a distant diagnosis
TelediagnosticMedical diagnosis made by means of telemedicine
TeleconsultationConsultation between HCP or HCP and patients performed at a distance, via internet or video conferencing
TeletherapyRemote initiation of a therapy
TelemonitoringWireless transmission of physiological or noninvasive data
TelematicsUse of ICT to allow computers to transfer data
TelecareA combination of alarms, sensors and other equipment to help people live independently; in emergency situations the patients call for help
TelerehabilitationDelivery of rehabilitation by HCP to patients at home via video conferencing
TelecoachingRemote reinforcement to improve adherence
TelemetricsAutomatic measurement and transmission of data using ICT
TelexpertiseEnable a medical professional to solicit, remotely, the advice of medical professionals because of their particular expertise, for patient care

Note that this is a non-exhaustive list. HCP: healthcare providers; ICT: information and communication technologies.