Studies concerned with quality of life by sex in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

First author [ref.]CountryQuality of life (tools used)COPD stageFemales/males nResults
De Torres [82]Spain, single-centreSGRQGOLD II, III73/73
  • Quality of life more impaired in females

  • Dyspnoea and arterial saturation: only factors associated with the SGRQ score, unlike males for whom exercise capacity, dyspnoea and comorbidities are found

Katsura [83]Japan, single-centre
  • SGRQ–SF-36,

  • Philadelphia Geriatric Center morale scale

GOLD II39/117SGRQ: highest score for activity, impact and total score among females compared with males
SF-36 highest score on perceived health and health compared with 1 year ago for females/males
Kaptein [84]NetherlandsTelephone or e-mail questionnaire:
intimate physical contact scale (IPCS) or Respiratory Experiences with Sexuality Profiles (RESP)
COPD, asthma55 patients (of whom 10 females and 15 males with COPD)Reduced sexual activity in males and deterioration in quality of sex life
More seldom occurrence in women
Rodrìguez- González Moro [85]SpainSF-12 (used during consultations with pulmonologists and treating physician)GOLD II, III1786/1661Quality of life more impaired in females, particularly concerning the mental and physical aspects of SF-12
Raherison [1]France, multicentre
  • SGRQ, HADS, Q-MAT (for active smokers)

GOLD II, III, IV247/183Poorer anxiety and quality of life scores in females even though lung function impairment was less severe than in males

SGRQ: St George's Respiratory Questionnaire; SF: short-form; GOLD: Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease; HADS: hospital anxiety and depression scale.