Tuberculosis (TB) elimination priority action areas

Priority action areas to reach TB eliminationGlobal strategy pillars and components
1. Ensure political commitment, funding and stewardship for planning and essential services of high quality1. A–D
2. A–D
2. Address the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups1. A–D
2. B–D
3. Address special needs of migrants and cross-border issues1. A-D
2. B–D
4. Undertake screening for active TB and LTBI in TB contacts and selected high-risk groups,  and provide appropriate treatment1. A, D
5. Optimise the prevention and care of drug-resistant TB1. A–D
2. A–D
3. A–B
6. Ensure continued surveillance, programme monitoring and evaluation and case-based data management2. A-C
7. Invest in research and new tools3. A-B
8. Support global TB prevention, care and control1–3

LTBI: latent TB infection. Data from [4].