Comparison of serological domains

ABCDA versus BA versus CB versus CA versus DB versus DC versus D
Patients n144565798
Serological domain91.791.193nrnsnsns
 RF ≥40 IU1310.7728.5#nsnsns0.00020.010.0001
 Anti-tRNA synthetase0.735.715.813.2<0.00010.050.01<0.00010.001ns

Data are presented as mean±sd or %, unless otherwise stated. Bold represents the highest significant value. A: Oldham et al. [18]; B: Chartrand et al. [22]; C: Ahmad et al. [23]; D: Ito et al. [24]; ANA: antinuclear antibodies; RF: rheumatoid factor; ACPA: anti-citrullinated protein antibodies; SS: Sjögren syndrome; RNP: ribonucleoprotein; PM/Scl: polymyositis/systemic sclerosis; MDA: melanoma differentiation antigen; nr: not reported; ns: nonsignificant. #: RF >60 IU.