Results of PubMed search for “interstitial lung disease in children” between June 2016 and June 2017

All148 (100)
Wrongly assigned to search results26 (17.6)
Case reports44 (29.7)
Reviews35 (23.6)
Diagnostic techniques10 (6.8)
Treatments1 (0.7)
Translational/basic2 (1.4)
Reports on registers2 (1.4)
A1: DPLD diffuse developmental disorders#0 (0.0)
A2: DPLD growth abnormalities deficient alveolarisation#0 (0.0)
A3: DPLD infant conditions of undefined aetiology1 (0.7)
A4: DPLD related to alveolar surfactant region4 (2.7)
B1: DPLD related to systemic disease processes (other/Langerhans histiocytosis)19 (3/16) (12.8)
B2: DPLD in the presumed immune intact/related to exposures2 (1.4)
B3: DPLD related to immune dysregulation or compromise2 (1.4)
B4: DPLD related to lung vessels structural processes0 (0.0)
B5: DPLD related to reactive lymphoid lesions0 (0.0)

Data are presented as n (%). The disorders in the “A” categories A1–A4 encompass disorders occurring predominantly in infancy, whereas the disorders in the “B” categories B1–B5 may manifest at all ages. Diseases were categorised according to [1, 2]. DPLD: diffuse parenchymal lung disease (used interchangeably with interstitial lung disease). #: some publications were not retrieved with the key words indicated.