Studies on mortality in acute decompensated pulmonary hypertension

First author [ref.]Patients nInclusion criteriaIntrahospital mortality %Mortality rate at 3 months %Factors associated with mortality
Sztrymf [21]46Acute RHF requiring catecholamine treatment in ICU (100% inotropic or vasopressor support)4150BNP level Creatinine CRP Systemic arterial pressure
Haddad [17]119Acute RHF requiring urgent in-patient therapy (17% inotropic or vasopressor support)15.8Respiratory rate >20breaths·min-1 Renal dysfunction Hyponatraemia Tricuspid regurgitation severity
Huynh [18]99Acute RHF requiring admission to ICU30Pre-existing treatment with PGI2 analogues
Mechanical ventilation
Kurzyna [19]37Acute RHF requiring admission to ICU32Functional class Aspartate transaminases
Systemic arterial pressures
Connective tissue disease

RHF: right heart failure; ICU: intensive care unit; BNP: brain natriuretic peptide; CRP: C-reactive protein; PGI2: prostaglandin I2.