Medications for the prevention and treatment of acute altitude illness

Dosage for preventionDosage for treatment
 Acetazolamide125 or 250 mg every 12 h250 mg every 12 h
 Dexamethasone2 mg every 6 h or
4 mg every 12 h
AMS: 4 mg every 6 h
HACE: 8 mg once then 4 mg every 6 h
 Nifedipine30 mg sustained release version every 12 h30 mg sustained release version every 12 h
 Tadalafil#10 mg every 12 h10 mg every 12 h
 Salmeterol125 μg inhaled every 12 hNot used for treatment

AMS: acute mountain sickness; HAPE: high-altitude pulmonary oedema; HACE: high-altitude cerebral oedema. #: should not be used in conjunction with nifedipine; : should not be used as the sole agent for prevention.