Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound (US) in the interstitial syndrome: evidence from systematic reviews

Number of studiesPopulation, unit of analysisUS featuresReference standardPrevalence and numberSensitivitySpecificity
Acute cardiogenic pulmonary oedema
 Al Deeb 2014 [94]7 studiesPatients presenting with undifferentiated dyspnoea
By patient
US criteria not restricted as long as B-lines were used5 studies: blinded chart review
2 studies:
final diagnosis
45% of 1075 patients94.1%92.4%
 Martindale 2016 [95]8 studiesAdults presenting to ED with dyspnoea
By patient
At least 3 B-lines in each lung
Performed by emergency specialists
Clinical diagnosis by independent reviewers blinded to index test result45.6% of 1914 patients85.3%92.7%
  • ED: emergency department.