The World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control [14]: overview and summary of main sections

I) Introduction2) “[…]members are encouraged to implement measures beyond those required by this Convention[…]”
II) Objective, guiding principles and general obligations3–5) Establish the objective, guiding principles and general obligations engendered by the treaty
III) Measures related to the reduction of demand for tobacco6–14) Demand side reduction measures, including smoking indoors, contents of tobacco products, packaging and labelling, training and public awareness, tobacco advertising, and support for reducing tobacco dependence and cessation
IV) Measures relating to the reduction of supply of tobacco15–17) Eliminating illicit trade of tobacco products, prohibition of selling tobacco to underage persons and provision of economically viable alternative activities
V) Protection of the environment18) Risks of tobacco growing to human health and to the environment
VI) Questions related to liability19) Taking legislative action or promoting their existing laws to deal with liability
VII) Scientific and technical cooperation and communication of information20–22) National and international research surveillance for tobacco control, reporting on the implementation of the Convention, and cooperation to strengthen capacity for implementing the Convention
VIII) Institutional arrangements and financial resources23–26) Establishment and convening of sessions of the COP, functions of the Convention secretariat, relations between the COP and intergovernmental organisations, and financial support for national programmes
IX–X) Settlement of disputes and development of the Convention28–29) Development of the convention
30–38) “Final provisions” covering statutory matters such as means of acceding to the Convention, entry into force, etc.
  • COP: Conference of the Parties.