An overview of selected trials investigating sequential or concurrent radio-chemotherapy

First author [ref.]YearTrial detailsChemotherapy regimenRadiotherapy total doseRadiotherapy single dose5-year OS
Bradley [1]2015Phase IIICarboplatin/paclitaxel (con) +/- cetuximab (cons)60 Gy2 Gy57.6% (2-year OS)
Carboplatin/paclitaxel (con) +/- cetuximab (cons)74 Gy2 Gy44.6% (2-year OS)
Oh [31]2013Phase IIICisplatin/paclitaxel (con/cons)60–66 Gy2–2.4 GyMedian OS 27.3 months
Cisplatin/docetaxel (con/cons)60–66 Gy2–2.4 GyMedian OS 27.6 months
Cisplatin/gemzitabine (con/cons)60–66 Gy2–2.4 GyMedian OS 16.5 months
Curran [30]2011Phase IIICisplatin/vinblastin (con)60 Gy2 Gy16.0%
Cisplatin/vinblastin (seq)60 Gy2 Gy10.0%
Cisplatin/etoposide (con)69.6 Gy1,2 Gy twice a day13.0%
Segawa [32]2010Phase IIIMVP (con)60 Gy2 Gy16.6%
Docetaxel/cisplatin (con)60 Gy2 Gy17.5%
Yamamoto [33]2010Phase IIIMVP (con)60 Gy2 Gy17.5%
Carboplatin/irinotecan (con)60 Gy2 Gy17.5%
Carboplatin/paclitaxel (con)60 Gy2 Gy19.5%
Hanna [29]2008Phase IIICisplatin/etoposide (con)59.4 Gy1.8 Gy26.1% (3-year OS)
Cisplatin/etoposide (con) + docetaxel (cons)59.4 Gy1.8 Gy27.1% (3-year OS)
Gouda [28]2006RandomisedPaclitaxel/carboplatin (con)60 Gy2 Gy45% (2-year OS)
Paclitaxel/carboplatin (ind/con)60 Gy2 Gy40% (2-year OS)
No chemotherapy60 Gy2 Gy10% (2-year OS)
Fournel [34]2005Phase IIICisplatin/etoposide (con)66 Gy2 Gy21% (4-year OS)
Cisplatin/vinorelbine (seq)66 Gy2 Gy14% (4-year OS)
Zatloukal [35]2004RandomisedCisplatin/vinorelbine (con)60 Gy2 Gy18.6% (3-year OS)
Cisplatin/vinorelbine (seq)60 Gy2 Gy9.5% (3-year OS)
Albain [36]2002Phase IICisplatin/etoposide (con)60 Gy2 Gy15.0%
Furuse [37]1999Phase IIIMVP (con)56 Gy2 Gy15.8%
MVP (seq)56 Gy2 Gy9.0%
Lee [38]1996Phase IICisplatin/etoposide (con)69.6 Gy1,2 Gy twice a day35% (2-year OS)
Jeremic [39]1996RandomisedCarboplatin/etoposide (con)69.6 Gy1,2 Gy twice a day23% (4-year OS)
No chemotherapy69.6 Gy1,2 Gy twice a day9% (4-year OS)
Dillman [40]1996Phase IIICisplatine/vinblastine (con)60 Gy2 Gy17%
No chemotherapy60 Gy2 Gy7%
  • OS: overall survival; Con: concurrent; cons: consolidation; seq: sequential; MVP: mitomycin, vindesine, and cisplatin; ind: induction.