Risk factors associated with recurrent venous thromboembolism (VTE) and anticoagulant-related bleeding [2, 12, 46, 50–53]

Recurrent VTESerious or fatal bleedingBoth recurrent VTE and serious bleeding
Initial unprovoked VTELow platelet countIncreased age
Initial proximal DVT or PEPrevious bleedingCancer
ThrombophiliaRecent major bleedingImmobilisation
Residual proximal thrombosisPrevious strokeRecent surgery (transient)
Male sexHepatic failureSevere renal impairment
Elevated D-dimer concentrations when not receiving anticoagulation Pregnancy Anticoagulation lasting<3 monthsDiabetes Abnormal prothrombin time Thrombocytopenia Poor anticoagulant control Comorbidity Anaemia
  • DVT: deep vein thrombosis; PE: pulmonary embolism.