National and regional asthma programmes identified in Europe

Country[Ref.]Study periodInitiatorExecutor
 Finland[7, 8]1994–2004Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and Working groupFinnish Lung Health organisation, a nongovernmental organisation
 France[9]2002–2005National Agency for Accreditation and Evaluation of Health on behalf of the French National Health ExecutiveEight medical specialist societies
 Ireland[10, 11]2014–2017Health Service ExecutivesAsthma Society of Ireland
 Italy[12]2013Global Alliance against Chronic Respiratory Diseases42 partners
 The Netherlands[13]2014–2018Lung Alliance Netherlands
 Poland[16]2009–ongoingPolish Society of Allergology
 Portugal[18]2000–2011; 2012–2016Directorate General of Health Portuguese Ministry of HealthDirectorate General of Health
 Turkey[20, 42]2008–ongoingTurkish Ministry of HealthTurkish Respiratory Society
 Poland[14]2000–2003Dept of International Medicine Asthma and Allergy, Bazlicki University Hospital, LodzLodz Regional Health Insurance Fund (sponsor)