Results of lung histopathology in patients with dermatomyositis- or polymyositis- associated interstitial lung disease

First author [ref.]YearNumber of biopsies/total cohort n/NNSIPUIPOPDADLIPUnclassified
Douglas [79]200122/701810200
Marie [47]200211/36452000
Cottin [13]200317/171122011
Tansey [89]200413/13715000
Fujisawa [86]200513/28830300
Won Huh [90]20079/99440100
Total n (%)8552 (61%)16 (19%)9 (11%)6 (7%)1 (1%)1 (1%)
  • Where results were listed as minor pattern versus major pattern, only major patterns are reported. NSIP: nonspecific interstitial pneumonia; UIP: usual interstitial pneumonia; OP: organising pneumonia; DAD: diffuse alveolar damage; LIP: lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia. Reproduced and modified from [51], with permission from the publisher.