Table 4. Noninvasive ventilation (NIV) in acute exacerbations of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) sequelae
First author [ref.]YearCountryStudy designType of ARF-TBInterfaceNIV failureTransmission among HCW#MortalityObservationsHome MV after AEPTS
Tsuboi [51]1996JapanProspective cohort (n=17)AEPTS in mixed groupsNasal mask0No0Yes
Machida [53]1998JapanRetrospective survey (n=58)AEPTSNasal mask0No0Yes
Prats Soro [60]1999SpainCase report (n=1)AEPTSNasal mask0No0Yes
Schulz [54]1999GermanyProspective cohort (n=26)AEPTSNasal mask0No0Yes
Agarwal [56]2005IndiaCases series cohort (n=3)ARDS and Mycobacterium tuberculosis AEPTSFace mask0No0No
Utsugi [57]2006JapanCase report (n=1)ARF, miliary TB and AEPTSFace mask0No0No
Aso [58]2010JapanProspective cohort (n=58)AEPTSFace mask13.8%No1.7%0No
  • ARF-TB: acute respiratory failure associated with TB pulmonary infection; HCW: healthcare workers; MV: mechanical ventilation; AEPTS: acute exacerbations of pulmonary TB sequelae; ARDS: acute respiratory distress syndrome. #: instances of transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis among HCW.