Table 1. Published data on noninvasive ventilation (NIV) during severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) infections
First author [ref.]YearCountryStudy designInterfaceReceived NIVNIV failureTransmission among HCW#MortalityObservations
Lin [11]2003ChinaRetrospective, single centreFace maskn=40 (51.9%)n=8 (10.3%)No9%70 (90.9%) patients were clinically cured
Cheung [12]2004ChinaCase series, single centre (n=31)Face maskn=20n=14 (70%)No0%
Fowler [13]2004CanadaRetrospective, single centreFace mask0n=38No50% after NIV failureAffected patients had primarily single organ respiratory failure
Sung [14]2004ChinaProspective, single centre (n=37)Face maskn=15n=21 (15.2%)Non=15 (10.9%)Most patients had significant comorbidities
Yam [8]2005ChinaRetrospective, single centreFace maskn=21n=8 (38%)Non=9 (35%)Early application of NIV as initial support for SARS-related ARF appeared to be associated with significantly reduced need for ETI and mortality
  • HCW: healthcare workers; ARF: acute respiratory failure; ETI: endotracheal intubation. #: instances of transmission of SARS among HCW.