Commercially available preparations of purified α1-antitrypsin

DrugManufacturerSourceDedicated pathogen safety stepsRegulatory approval
ProlastinGrifols (Barcelona, Spain)Pooled human plasmaPasteurisationAustria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland
Prolastin CGrifols (Barcelona, Spain)Pooled human plasmaS/D purification + nanofiltrationUSA, Canada, Argentina and Colombia
TrypsoneGrifols (Barcelona, Spain)Pooled human plasmaS/D purification + nanofiltrationSpain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico
Aralast NPBaxter (Deerfield, IL, USA)Pooled human plasmaS/D purification + nanofiltrationUSA
ZemairaCSL Behring (King of Prussia, PA, USA)Pooled human plasmaPasteurisation + nanofiltrationUSA and Brazil
GlassiaKamada (Ness Ziona, Israel)Pooled human plasmaS/D purification + nanofiltrationUSA and Brazil
AlfalastinLFB (Courtabœuf, France)Pooled human plasmaPasteurisationFrance
  • S/D: solvent/detergent. Data from [6].