Table 1. Change of the thoracic cage and forced vital capacity (FVC) in patients with pleuroparenchymal fibroelastosis
CaseAge yearsSexIdiopathic or with underlying diseaseDiagnostic methodAPDT/TDT ratioFVC (% predicted)
1st measurement2nd measurementInterval between measurements1st measurement2nd measurementInterval between measurements
141MUlcerative colitisSLB0.450.4584.39 years
255MIdiopathicSLB0.5920.5095.27 years3540 mL (87%)1120 mL (29%)4.67 years
360MIdiopathicSLB0.5990.5542.79 years2580 mL (78%)1040 mL (32%)2.64 years
478MRadiation therapy for oesophageal cancerAutopsy0.5790.531.87 years2480 mL (69%)1370 mL (39%)1.42 years
532FLung transplantationSLB0.540.4892.31 years2050 mL (69%)640 mL (20%)2.47 years
648FIdiopathicSLB0.5990.5224.03 years2030 mL (67%)1380 mL (49%)3.61 years
759FIdiopathicSLB0.6520.64.59 years
881FIdiopathicAutopsy0.7290.6122.04 years1800 mL (83%)1060 mL (51%)1.84 years
  • APDT: anteroposterior diameter of the thoracic cage; TDT: transverse diameter of the thoracic cage; M: male; F: female; SLB: surgical lung biopsy.