Symptoms and signs of rhinitis/rhinosinusitis

Typical symptoms and signs of (allergic) rhinitis
 Runny nose
 Nasal itching (check for allergic salute, allergic crease and shiners)
Atypical manifestations of (allergic) rhinitis
 Cough (check for post-nasal drip)
 Eustachian tube dysfunction
  Secretory otitis media and effusion/ask if otitis media occurs frequently
  Decreased hearing (speech and language delay, child speaks loudly, child increases TV sound)
 Poor school performance/poor concentration
 Consider hearing test/audiometry
 Sleep problems
  Disturbed sleep (ask about fatigue/irritability, poor concentration and school performance)
  Apnoea (check for hypertrophy of adenoids or of tonsils and consider a sleep study)
Symptoms and signs of rhinosinusitis
 Purulent discharge (examine nose in older children)
 Facial pain