Table 3. Recommended daily dosages of anti-tuberculous drugs
DrugMean doseRangeMaximal dose
Isoniazid (H)#10 mg·kg−17–15 mg·kg−1300 mg·day−1
Rifampicin (R)15 mg·kg−110–20 mg·kg−1600 mg·day−1
Pyrazinamide (Z)35 mg·kg−130–40 mg·kg−1
Ethambutol (E)20 mg·kg−115–25 mg·kg−1
Amikacin15–22.5 mg·kg−11000 mg
Ofloxacin15–20 mg·kg−1 twice daily800 mg
Ethionamide15–20 mg·kg−1 twice daily1000 mg
Cycloserine10–20 mg·kg−1 once/twice daily1000 mg
Para-aminosalicylic acid150 mg·kg−1 2–3 times daily12 000 mg
  • #: the higher end of the range for isoniazid dose applies to younger children, as the children grow older the lower end of the dosing range becomes more appropriate. Data from [63].