Table 2. Limitations in randomised controlled trials
First author [ref.]
Gattinoni [31]Guérin [32]Mancebo [33]Taccone [34]Guérin [2]
Year of trial20012004200620092013
Protective lung ventilationNoNoNoYesYes
Long prone sessionsNoNoYesYesYes
Target populationALI/ARDSHypoxaemic acute respiratory failureARDSARDSARDS with severity criteria
Crossover allowedYesYesYesNo (rescue)No (rescue)
Rate of crossoverNot reported81 (21.4%) out of 3785 (8.1%) out of 6220 (11.5%) out of 17417 (7.4%) out of 229
  • ALI: acute lung injury; ARDS: acute respiratory distress syndrome.