Composite prognostic indexes in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Composite indexComponents[Ref.]
BODEBMI, FEV1, mMRC dyspnoea scale and 6MWD[31]
mBODEBMI, FEV1, mMRC dyspnoea scale and V´O2peak[32]
eBODEBMI, FEV1, mMRC dyspnoea scale, 6MWD and exacerbation rate[33]
BODExBMI, FEV1, mMRC dyspnoea scale and exacerbation rate[34]
Inflammatory BODEBODE, inflammatory biomarkers, age and hospitalisation history[35]
ADOAge, mMRC dyspnoea scale and FEV1[36]
DOSEmMRC dyspnoea scale, FEV1, smoking status and exacerbation rate[37]
CODExComorbidity, obstruction, dyspnoea and previous severe exacerbations[39]
  • BODE: body mass index (BMI), airflow obstruction, dyspnoea, exercise capacity; mBODE: modified BODE in which 6MWD is replaced by peak oxygen consumption; eBODE: exacerbations added to the original BODE; BODEx: exacerbations replace 6MWD in the original BODE; inflammatory BODE: inflammatory markers added to the original BODE; ADO: age, dyspnoea and airflow obstruction index; DOSE: dyspnoea, airflow obstruction, smoking status and exacerbations index; CODEx: comorbidities, airflow obstruction, dyspnoea and exacerbations index;. FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s (severity of airflow obstruction); mMRC: modified Medical Research Council; 6MWD: 6-min walking distance; V´O2peak: peak oxygen consumption.