Table 5. Selected studies reporting on pre-operative chemotherapy or chemoradiation for locally-advanced thymic tumours
Subjects nTumour typeStudyRegimenAgentsDosesResponse rate %
Single-agent chemotherapy
    Bonomi [90]21T/TCPhase IICisplatin50 mg·m−2 every 3 weeks10
    Highley [91]15T/TCRetrospIfosfamide1.5 g·m−2×5 days every 3 weeks46
    Loehrer [92]27T/TCPhase IIPemetrexed500 mg·m−2 every 3 weeks17
Combination chemotherapy
    Fornasiero [93]32TRetrospADOCAdriamycin40 mg·m−2 every 3 weeks85–92
Cisplatin50 mg·m−2 every 3 weeks
Vincristin0.6 mg·m−2 every 3 weeks
Cyclophosphamide700 mg·m−2 every 3 weeks
    Loehrer [94]30T/TCPhase IICAPCisplatin50 mg·m−2 every 3 weeks51
Adriamycin50 mg·m−2 every 3 weeks
Cyclophosphamide500 mg·m−2 every 3 weeks
    Giaccone [95]16TPhase IIPECisplatin60 mg·m−2 every 3 weeks56–60
Etoposide120 mg·m−2×3 days every 3 weeks
    Loehrer [96]34T/TCPhase IIVIPEtoposide75 mg·m−2×4 days every 3 weeks32
Ifosfamide1.2 g·m−2×4 days every 3 weeks
Cisplatin20 mg·m−2×4 days every 3 weeks
    Lemma [97]46T/TCPhase IICarbo-PxCarboplatinAUC 5 every 3 weeks43
Paclitaxel225 mg·m−2 every 3 weeks
    Palmieri [98]15T/TCPhase IICAP-GEMCapecitabine650 mg·m−2 b.i.d.×14 days every 3 weeks40
Gemcitabine1000 mg·m−2×2 days every 3 weeks
    Okuma [99]9TCRetrospCisplatin-irinotecanCisplatin80 mg·m−2 every 4 weeks56
Irinotecan60 mg·m−2×3 days every 4 weeks
  • T: thymoma; TC: thymic carcinoma; Retrosp: retrospective; ADOC: adriamycin, cisplatin, vincristine and cyclophosphamide; CAP: cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin and cisplatin; PE: platin and etoposide; VIP: etoposide, ifosfamide and cisplatin; Carbo-Px: carboplatin and paclitaxel; CAP-GEM: capecitabine and gemcitabine; AUC: area under the curve.