Table 4. Diagnostic criteria for chronic necrotising aspergillosis
Diagnostic criteriaCharacteristics
ClinicalChronic (>1 month) pulmonary or systemic symptoms, including at least one of: weight loss, productive cough or haemoptysis
No overt immunocompromising conditions (e.g. haematological malignancy, neutropenia, organ transplantation)
RadiologicalCavitary pulmonary lesion with evidence of paracavitary infiltrate
New cavity formation, or expansion of cavity size over time
LaboratoryElevated levels of inflammatory markers (C-reactive protein, plasma viscosity or erythrocyte sedimentation rate). Isolation of Aspergillus spp. from pulmonary or pleural cavity, or positive serum Aspergillus precipitin test. Exclusion of other pulmonary pathogens, by results of appropriate cultures and serological tests, that are associated with similar disease presentation, including mycobacteria and endemic fungi
  • Adapted from [186].