Table 3. Chest high-resolution computed tomography methods
    No injection of contrast medium
    Inspiratory apnoea slices
    Axial contiguous or non-reconstructed slices separated by ≤2 cm
    Slice thickness ≤2 mm
    Reconstruction field focused on lungs
    Image acquisition complying with European irradiation norms
    Archiving of image acquisition of millimetric slices on CD/DVD for further reading
    Frontal reconstruction in minimal intensity projection, 5–8 mm thick#
    Images in the prone position, if opacities linked to gravito-dependance hamper the analysis when in the supine position
    Expiration slices to exclude lobular air trapping
    Coronal and sagittal reconstructions if volumetric acquisitions are available
  • #: to differentiate bronchiolectasis from honeycombing; : more frequent in patients with hypersensitivity pneumonitis.