Table 1. High-resolution computed tomography criteria for usual interstitial pneumonia (UIP) pattern
UIP pattern (all four features)Possible UIP pattern (all three features)Inconsistent with UIP pattern (any of the features)
Subpleural, basal predominanceSubpleural, basal predominanceUpper or mid-lung predominance
Reticular abnormalityReticular abnormalityPeribronchovascular predominance
Honeycombing with or without traction bronchiectasisAbsence of features listed as inconsistent with UIP patternExtensive ground-glass abnormality (extent > reticular abnormality)
Absence of features listed as inconsistent with UIP patternProfuse micronodules (bilateral, predominantly upper lobes)
Discrete cysts (multiple, bilateral, away from areas of honeycombing)
Diffuse mosaic attenuation/air-trapping (bilateral and in ≥3 lobes)
Consolidation in bronchopulmonary segment(s)/lobe(s)
  • Reproduced from [2] with permission from the publisher.