Table 1. Equipment required for practical approach to lung health strategy implementation#
First-level health facilities
    Sputum containers
    Peak flow meters with mouthpieces
    Inhalation chamber with masks (for children)
    Pulse oximeter
    Oxygen sources (cylinder and/or concentrators and accessories)
    Nebuliser with mask (manual at least)
District referral outpatient services or laboratories
    Binocular microscope
    Centrifuge and incubator (if cultures for TB are performed)
    Basic radiology equipment
    Pulse oximeter
    Equipment for tracheal aspiration
    Oxygen sources
    Equipment for pleural drainage
    Needles and instruments for transthoracic pleural biopsy
    Blood gas analyser
Second referral level
    Bronchoscope (if there is a chest specialist trained to use it)
  • TB: tuberculosis. #: according to the World Health Organization practical approach to lung health implementation guideline [8].