Table 3. First-line drugs for smoking cessation (1-yr quit rates) from US clinical guidelines
OR (95% CI)Abstinence rate %
    Varenicline3.1 (2.5–3.8)33.2
    High-dose nicotine patch2.3 (1.7–3.0)26.5
    Nicotine gum (>14 weeks)2.2 (1.5–3.2)26.1
    Bupropion SR2.0 (1.8–2.2)24.2
Combination therapies
    Patch plus ad lib NRT3.6 (2.5–5.2)36.5
    Patch plus bupropion SR2.5 (1.9–3.4)28.9
    Patch plus inhaler2.2 (1.3–3.6)25.8
  • Meta-analysis of data from placebo, controlled trials in smoking cessation reporting 1-yr quit rates with smoking cessation drugs used for 3 months in combination with counselling. The comparator is the placebo arm without drugs but with counselling. NRT: nicotine replacement therapy. Modified from [8].