Table 6. Lung function measurements in adults
First author [ref.]Exposure metricMeasureControl groupStudy groupp-value
Chakraborty [17]Organophosphate and carbamate sprayersFVC L2.58±0.832.23±0.9<0.0001
FEV1 L2.36±0.91.94±0.8<0.0001
FEV1/FVC %91.5±14.187.0±15.5<0.0001
Huang [22]TCPN productionFVC L3.56±0.713.39±0.57>0.05
FEV1 L·s−12.94±0.662.29±0.95<0.05
FEV1/FVC %83.7±8.772.8±11.8<0.01
Schenker [20]Paraquat exposure using a cumulative paraquat exposure indexFVC % predicted101.6±1.1101.3±0.80.83
FEV1 % predicted105.3±1.1106.0±0.80.61
FEV1/FVC %81.4±0.681.8±0.40.54
Senanayake [31]Paraquat sprayers and mixer-loadersFVC LGroup 1: 3.42±0.06; group 2: 3.49±0.063.48±0.06NS
FEV1 LGroup 1: 2.76±0.06; group 2: 2.82±0.062.82±0.05NS
FEV1/FVC %Group 1: 80.67±1.10; group 2: 80.98±1.0380.89±0.98NS
  • TCPN: tetrachloroisophthalonitrile (chlorothalonil); FVC: forced vital capacity; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; NS: nonsignificant.