Table 2. Pesticide exposure and asthma in children
First author [ref.]Asthma definitionExposure metricCo-exposuresOR (95% CI)
Salam [25]Doctor-diagnosed asthmaSelf-reported farm-related exposures to crops, dusts, animals, herbicides and pesticides in first year of lifeCrops, dusts, animals2.39 (1.17–4.89)
Salameh [26]Self-reported, doctor-diagnosed asthmaAny exposure to pesticidesDust, animals1.73 (1.02–2.96)
Sunyer [27]Doctor-diagnosed asthma at age 4 yearsCord blood and blood samplesUnknown1.46# (0.92–2.32)
Sunyer [28]Doctor-diagnosed asthma at age 6.5 yearsCord blood and blood samples aged 4 yearsUnknown1.18 (1.01–1.39)
Weselak [29]Self-reported, doctor-diagnosed asthmaAny exposure to pesticides during pregnancyFarm environment1.00 (0.71–1.40)
  • #: risk ratio.